Guru Rattana Talks about Claiming the Chakras

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Guru Rattana explains the kind of world we live in and how women can reclaim their chakras. Find Guru Rattana online at for more useful and helpful insights. This video explains that the spiritual paths as we know them today were created by men for themselves, and that we are living in a cultural […]

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Gentle Seated and Floor Yoga

3 weeks ago1241 0

This is a 45-minute slow, gentle and restorative yoga practice of floor stretches and seated poses. Perfect for Beginners, those recuperating from illness or those who just want to take it easy. We focus mainly on opening the hips. Use this on days when you prefer a mellow practise and need some stress relief. Options […]

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Variations through Sarvāgasan || Hathayoga by Yogi KK Krishna

3 weeks ago1082 0

In this Yoga sequence Yogi KK performed various advanced level postures. This variation starts with Sarvangasan and variate many postures such as Halasana , parshva halasana , pindasana , karna pidnasana , dwipaad skandhasana and many more other high level postures .

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Kundalini Yoga – Heart Twists to Open Your Heart

3 weeks ago1151 0

Kundalini Yoga exercise which releases stress in the shoulders and upper back. Opens the heart. Part 4 of our short exercise set covering stress reduction techniques. You can view many more Kundalini Yoga videos by Guru Rattana when you subscribe to Guru Rattana Online – full details from

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