Winter Yoga

Winter Yoga With Boho Beautiful (23 min)

5 months ago1,2566 0

Winter Yoga Video  

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Yoga for Headaches

Yoga for Headaches with Lesley Fightmaster [20 Min]

11 months ago2,5634 0

Yoga For Headaches with Lesley Fightmaster This 20 minute yoga for headaches video will help you relax a bit and gain some relief. Headaches can be very painful and while it may be difficult at first to get the motivation to do this, doing yoga will definitely help in reducing your headache. Let us know […]

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Full Body Gentle Yoga Flow (20 Min Video)

11 months ago4,10415 2

Gentle Yoga Flow Video I feel like I am travelling with her! This video has a Good energy. The explanations are clear. The only thing is it’s too quick for a beginner. There should be a pause for 2 seconds in order to understand the position! When you lay down you can’t follow the rest […]

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Yoga For Perimenopause

Yoga For Perimenopause

11 months ago1,5883 0

Yoga For PeriMenopause with Bend it Like LD This 21 minute yoga for perimenopause video will help you relax a bit and gain some relief. Doing yoga in general will help release some feel good hormones and this practice in particular is geared towards it! What did you think? Let us know in the comments […]

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Yoga For Rock Climbers

Yoga For Rock Climbers With Lesley Fightmaster [34 Min]

12 months ago2,4781 0

Yoga For Rock Climbers with Lesley Fightmaster This 34 minute yoga for rock climbers video is bound to loosen up those tight muscles and to bring some flexibility back to you. Rock climbing is a fun, but challenging activity which puts a lot of strain on all of your muscles. Give this yoga for rock […]

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Guru Rattana Talks about Claiming the Chakras

1 year ago1,8051 0

Guru Rattana explains the kind of world we live in and how women can reclaim their chakras. Find Guru Rattana online at for more useful and helpful insights. This video explains that the spiritual paths as we know them today were created by men for themselves, and that we are living in a cultural […]

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