Yoga Practice “Free Flow”- Level 1 [20 Min]

Published on June 2, 2016 by

Free Flow Yoga Sequence

Suggested Equipment

Yoga Mat


Sarah Beth

Type of Yoga

Video Duration

20 Min

Difficulty Level



Basic Yoga

Free flow yoga sequence is all about the freedom of movements and achieving the perfect state of relaxation. You can do a sequence exactly as seen on the video, but Sarah encourages you to add your own postures as you go and create a unique sequence.

You can skip the poses that make you uncomfortable, add new poses that you prefer, or prolong the existing poses as much as you like. This way, this vinyasa yoga sequence will be a personal experience for you.

This routine lasts for 20 minutes and is suitable for beginners as the poses in the routine are very easy to do. An excellent choice for you if you've never done yoga before. You will learn a couple of basic poses, stretch your body, and relax. After you feel comfortable with this routine and it no longer challenges you, check out the 30-minute version of this sequence.

Let us know in the comments how is free flow yoga sequence working for you!

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