Yoga for PMS [15 Min]

Published on April 17, 2016 by

Yoga For PMS

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Yoga Mat


Sarah Beth

Type of Yoga

Video Duration

1​5 Min

Difficulty Level



Yoga for PMS

This video is specially created for women who are in pain due to PMS. If you too are in pain right now, yoga for PMS is exactly what your body needs. Sarah will help you relieve your pain, help you focus on something other than your PMS, and help you stay strong. It will take only 15 minutes of your time!

Since this is a restorative type of yoga meant to relieve pain, the routine is very easy and is meant to relax your body and mind, not to work you up. So don't be afraid to try yoga for PMS. Some poses might require a bit of flexibility to be done to a full extent, but if you can't do them, stretch as much as you can. It still counts!.

Let us know in the comments if yoga for PMS helped you with the PMS!

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