Yoga for Healthy Wrists | Yoga With Adriene [4 Min]

Published on February 28, 2016 by

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Adriene Mishler

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​5 Min

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Yoga For Wrists

In this video you will get to participate in this special yoga for wrists session, which when done daily will help and can help eliminte carpal tunnel syndrome.

Doing yoga wrist stretches is more important than ever before, especially as more and more of us are working in offices and sitting at desks typing. While doing your yoga for wrist practice be sure to be mindful of your breath. You can do each move 3 times or just do one move per day. The most important thing to do is doing the sequences regularly.

With consistent practice, you will strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility thus reducing any wrist pain you may have.

Enjoy! Tell us what you think in the comments!

Yoga for Healthy Wrists | Yoga With Adriene [4 Min]
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