Yoga For Relaxation [34 Min]

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Yoga Routine For Relaxation

Suggested Equipment

Yoga Mat


Adriene Mishler

Type of Yoga

Video Duration

34 Min

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Yoga For Relaxation

Yoga routine for relaxation is a perfect routine for your recovery days or for when you don't feel like doing anything strenuous but still want some kind of exercise. The routine will help you relax your mind as well as your body and increase your flexibility. It lasts for half an hour and can be used as a bedtime routine to prepare your mind and body for a quality sleep.

This routine is suited for all levels but take into account that you might not be able to stretch as far as Adriene does or hold certain poses for the same amount of time. This shouldn't worry you since this routine is about relaxation and feeling good, and not about going beyond your limits and exerting yourself. Do what you can, always stay in your comfort zone.

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Yoga For Relaxation [34 Min]
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