Yoga For Hamstrings [24 Min]

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Yoga For Hamstrings

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​Yoga Mat


Adriene Mishler

Type of Yoga

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​24 Min

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Yoga For Hamstrings

Yoga for hamstrings is a great exercise for those who need their hamstrings to be durable and flexible. This yoga sequence is great for runners or for weight lifters who depend on their hamstrings. Of course, everyone will benefit from strong hamstrings, but it's especially important for people who put their legs under a lot of pressure.

While this yoga routine is primarily focused on hamstrings, your entire body will benefit from this exercise, especially your back and your neck. This yoga for hamstrings sequence lasts around 20 minutes and is suitable for all levels.

Adriene is using an exercise band and a yoga block in this workout, but don't worry if you don't have them at your home. You can replace the exercise band with any belt or a strap that's long enough to go from your hands to your feet. And instead of a yoga block, you can use a book.

Let us know in the comments how is this exercise working out for your hamstrings!

Yoga For Hamstrings [24 Min]
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