Yoga for Digestion with Lesley Fightmaster [23 Min]

Published on October 17, 2016 by

Yoga Class For Digestion

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Lesley FightMaster

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​23 Min

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Yoga for Digestion

In this video, Lesley will teach you an effective yoga class for digestion which will come in handy after a heavy meal or wherever you feel like your digestion is not in the best shape. The class combines specific postures that will get your digestion in order and help you feel better after it.

The routine lasts for 22 minutes and is meant to be for all levels. However, complete beginners will probably find some of the postures too heavy. If that's the case with you, that doesn't mean you should give up. You will still be able to do most of the routine. Simply skip the postures you can't do for now and focus on the rest. If you are regularly doing some yoga routine for beginners, soon you'll get more flexible and you'll be able to do every posture in this class.

Let us know in the comments if yoga class for digestion is just what you needed!

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