Yoga for a Beach Body – Abs Routine [10 Min]

Published on April 2, 2016 by

Yoga For A Beach Body

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Yoga Mat


Sarah Beth

Type of Yoga

Video Duration

10 Min

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Yoga For A Beach Body

If you're looking to define your abs and obliques a bit more, and prepare your body for the summer, yoga for a beach body is exactly what you need.

Sarah will guide you to the various versions of planks and exercises that are sure to make you feel the burn in your abs and thighs. The workout lasts for only 10 minutes, which is great news for those who have a busy schedule. But that also means that it's intense. Otherwise, it wouldn't work.

Because of its intensity, it's suited for intermediate yoga practitioners who already have a sufficient upper body strength as there are lots of side planks involved for which you really need strong arms.

If you find some of the positions too hard, there are usually modifications that will make it easier. Don't force yourself and always make sure that you have a proper form. You can do this routine three times a week and after 2-3 months, you should notice that your abs and thighs got firmer.

Let us know in the comments if yoga for a beach body made a difference for you.

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