Vinyasa Yoga to Twist, Detox and Purify with Lesley Fightmaster [48 Min]

Published on September 28, 2016 by

Vinyasa Flow For Detox

Suggested Equipment

​Yoga Mat


Lesley FightMaster

Type of Yoga

Video Duration

​48 Min

Difficulty Level



Yoga For Detox

In this video, Lesley will show you a challenging vinyasa flow for detox that will not only help you get rid of the toxins in your body, but it will also give you a full body workout that will make you sweat out all the bad stuff. An excellent choice for experienced yogis looking to blow off some steam and clear their mind.

The video lasts 48 minutes and is suitable only for advanced yogis. And even some of the advanced yogis might have troubles following Lesley's pace. She switches postures extremely fast which means that your alignment has to be perfect right from the start because if you spend 10-15 seconds on adjusting your pose, Lesley will already be on the next posture and soon you will lose track. Also, be prepared to do arm balances and headstands.

If you're looking for something gentle and slow that will relax you, this is not a flow for you. But it's perfect for those who want a tough workout that will leave them breathless at the end.

Let us know in the comments if you were able to follow this fast-paced vinyasa flow for detox!

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