Travel Yoga – Morning Sequence [11 Min]

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Travel Yoga Morning Sequence

Suggested Equipment

Travel Yoga Mat


Adriene Mishler

Type of Yoga

Video Duration

​10 Min

Difficulty Level



Travel Yoga

This Travel Yoga Sequence is perfect for in the morning when you are on the road travelling. 

The main purpose of this practice is pretty simple, it's just about connecting the breath to the body and being present in the moment. It's quite short, only around 10 minutes, so it wont take up your time and shouldn't be too hard to get motivated to do. 

Equipment wise, the only thing suggested for this is a yoga mat, you can go with a travel style or just a normal one. Travel mats are just more portable.

Enjoy the video and let us know what you think in the comments!

Travel Yoga – Morning Sequence [11 Min]
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  • Ken 3 years ago

    Most enjoyable I’m just a beginner and this was a great beginning.

  • Ken 3 years ago

    I’m still on it. Hey world get with the program.

  • km 3 years ago

    great…iam a beginnner…wonderful

  • Tandin Phuntsho 3 years ago

    i am one of the Yoga practional and i need so many Yoga posture or different steps.

  • SPW 2 years ago

    Great class, I love the style, of being loose in the body, just letting those joints flow and allowing creative expression, rather than the perfect shape, or the fastest vinyassa & most complicated asanas, sometimes less is more..perfect little yoga practice, thanks

  • ahmad din 2 years ago

    my hoby and demand

  • inder 2 years ago

    she is funnny

  • Amayaan 7 months ago

    I i tried it today and i went super amazing.I feel like doing it on a daily basis now. thank you for the video

  • Veer 3 months ago

    I Love this article, it has definitely opening my mind to the idea of yoga.

  • veer 2 months ago

    Great video loved it


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