Total Body Yoga Workout 2 with Tim Senesi [32 Min]

Published on August 24, 2016 by

Total Body Yoga Workout

Suggested Equipment

Yoga Mat


Tim Senesi

Type of Yoga

Video Duration

‚Äč32 Min

Difficulty Level



Full Body Yoga

This total body yoga workout is everything you need to improve your strength, become more flexible, and get aware of your body. This routine will give a nice workout to every muscle group in your body. Arms, the core, legs, everything will be engaged. Since the entire exercise lasts for just a little bit over a half an hour, it's one of the most effective yoga routines you'll come across!

This routine is designed for intermediate yogis who have already mastered the basics of yoga and don't need too many instructions about various poses. Even if you are not that experienced, you could still try this routine since it doesn't contain any complicated positions, but Tim switches them pretty fast so you will probably be unable to follow him sooner or later and break your concentration.

Let us know in the comments if the total body yoga workout is exactly what you were looking for!

Total Body Yoga Workout 2 with Tim Senesi [32 Min]
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