Seated Pranayama – Yoga with Tim Senesi [6 Min]

Published on September 6, 2016 by

Seated Pranayama

Suggested Equipment

Yoga Mat


Tim Senesi

Type of Yoga

Video Duration

​6 Min

Difficulty Level




This is a short video about meditation in which Tim will teach you the basics of seated Pranayama. Pranayama is a yoga practice that consists of many breathing and meditating techniques. Meditation and controlled breathing are associated with numerous benefits for your mind and body and could be a great help with dealing with everyday situations.

You can practice it on its own when you are not looking for a workout but just need some time to collect your thoughts and calm your mind, or you can include it at the end of your usual yoga routine or some other workout. It lasts only 6 minutes so it shouldn't be a problem.

The best pose to be in while practicing seated Pranayama is the Lotus pose. However, in case you are having troubles with your knees or any condition that makes you uncomfortable to be in a Lotus pose, you can sit any way you like.

Let us know in the comments what do you think about seated Pranayama?

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