Releasing The Hip Flexers with Tim Senesi [2 Min]

Published on September 14, 2016 by

How To Release The Hip Flexors

Suggested Equipment

​Yoga Mat


Tim Senesi

Type of Yoga

Video Duration

​2 Min

Difficulty Level



Yoga for Hips

In this video, Tim will teach you how to release the hip flexors in the most efficient way and really open your hips. Learning how to properly do that is extremely important for many standing poses that you'll come across in almost every yoga routine. Getting this right will help you improve your yoga skills and allow you to learn some more advanced yoga poses.

This video lasts less than 3 minutes so it really won't take a lot of your time. The only thing you need to learn this exercise is a chair. Tim will guide you all the way and tell you exactly what you need to do. This is an especially valuable lesson for all those who have no idea what it means to release the hip flexors and what muscles should be engaged while doing it.

Let us know in the comments if this little exercise has helped you perfect your yoga!

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