Prenatal Yoga – 5 Poses for All Trimesters [35 Min]

Published on June 15, 2016 by

Yoga Poses For Pregnancy

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​Yoga Mat


Adriene Mishler

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3​5 Min

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Prenatal Yoga Poses

In this video, Adriene and her pregnant guest Hilah will show you 5 yoga poses for pregnancy, step by step. If you ever need to be careful and practice safety during the exercise, it's when you are pregnant. Sometimes, it can be hard to decide what you should and what you shouldn't do during your pregnancy.

This video will show you a set of safe and gentle yoga poses that will benefit you and your baby. The entire routine lasts for about half an hour and can be done 3-4 times a week. It focuses on the breathing and mindfulness.

The goal is to be comfortable during the entire routine so you'll need a yoga mat, a blanket, and several yoga blocks or cushions. This is especially needed if you're in the third trimester and need all the support you can get.

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