Practicing Gratitude | Yoga With Adriene [8 Min]

Published on March 2, 2016 by

Practicing Gratitude

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Yoga Mat


Adriene Mishler

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​10 Min

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Practicing Gratitude

This video is a bit different than other Adriene's videos as this one doesn't include any kind of physical exercise. However, it does include a mental one, and that's practicing gratitude.

In a world where you are considered more fortunate that 75% of world's population by just having food on your table and roof over your head, there is a surprisingly high number of relatively wealthy people who are not grateful for what they have.

It's become common to always want more, and never being satisfied with what you already have. So Adriene came up with a mental exercise for practicing gratitude to help you realize just how fortunate you really are. It only takes a couple of minutes per day!

Let us know in the comments what are you grateful for!

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