Power Yoga | Beach Bod [30 Min]

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Yoga Routine For A Beach Body

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​Yoga Mat


Sarah Beth

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​30 Min

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Beach Body

Yoga routine for a beach body is a Power yoga routine that will prepare you for the summer. For some of us, having a body that will turn heads on the beach can be a very difficult goal to achieve. Not only do you have to work out hard, you also have to be disciplined with what you eat and drink. And you can't really start 2 weeks before your vacation.

That's why Sarah prepared a dynamic routine that will make you sweat and get your body ready for the beach. This is an intermediate yoga routine meant for yogis who are already familiar with power yoga postures and have sufficient strength and flexibility. The routine lasts for 30 minutes so you'll need a solid stamina as well.

If you're a total beginner, you'll find yourself pausing the video way too often trying to do a certain pose and follow Sarah's vigorous rhythm. If you can do most of the poses, but not exactly the way Sarah does it, you can modify them a bit to make them easier.

Let us know in the comments how challenging is yoga routine for a beach body!

Power Yoga | Beach Bod [30 Min]
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