Good Morning Yoga with Celest Pereira [23 Min]

Published on July 8, 2016 by

Yoga Routine For Good Morning

Suggested Equipment

​Yoga Mat


Celest Pereira

Type of Yoga

Video Duration

​23 Min

Difficulty Level



Morning Yoga

In this video, Celest will show you an invigorating yoga routine for good morning that will help you awake your body as well as your mind and prepare you for a successful day! If you're not exactly a morning person and it takes you an hour to get out of bed and two cups of coffee to become fully functional, this routine is just what you need.

Even if you're a total beginner, this routine will work for you because the pace is not too fast and the poses are pretty basic. You might not be flexible enough to stretch your legs and hands all the way as Celest, but that doesn't matter. The point is to stretch yourself as much as you can. As long as you're reaching your limit, you are doing a great job!

Let us know in the comments if this 22-minute yoga routine for good morning has helped you wake up!

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