Full Body | “Cardi-Yoga” Power Yoga Workout [30 Min]

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Full Body Power Yoga

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​Yoga Mat


Sarah Beth

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30 Min

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Full Body Yoga

This full body power yoga sequence will definitely raise your temperature and give you a workout that will strengthen your entire body, from your neck to your feet. If you don't want to aim for just one or two muscle groups and you feel that your entire body could use some power yoga, then this sequence is for you!

However, note that the pace of this routine is very fast so it's not suitable for complete beginners or anyone who is totally out of shape as you will likely be out of breath halfway through this 30-minute workout. The poses are not too difficult, but they switch fast and there aren't too many opportunities to rest.

Of course, everyone is encouraged to try it and see for themselves how challenging it is. Many of the poses can be modified to make the routine a bit easier so it could be a good choice for you if your fitness level is at least average.

Let us know in the comments if you were able to go through the entire workout without modifications!

Full Body | “Cardi-Yoga” Power Yoga Workout [30 Min]
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  • John 3 years ago

    I enjoyed the session! It was a bit of a challenge for this 62 year old male beginner.


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