Namaste Yoga 322 Calming Restorative Yoga Class [61 Min]

Published on March 11, 2016 by

Restorative Yoga

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Yoga Mat


Melissa West

Type of Yoga

Video Duration

61 Min

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Restorative Yoga

This restorative yoga sequence is just what you need if you are not in the mood for anything strenuous. You will still stretch and relax your body, but it's a very gentle type of yoga that is all about being aware of your body and your breath. It's almost like a form of meditation that will clear your mind.

This yoga routine lasts just a little less than an hour and is suited for complete beginners, as there aren't any challenging poses. You will, however, need yoga blocks and a bolster to be able to do every exercise.

This is not a sequence that will make you sweat and give you a good workout, but it will make you connect with your body and allow you to forget about the rest of the world for a while and concentrate on yourself.

Let us know in the comments if restorative yoga is a good way to relax your mind and your body!

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