Bed Time Yoga – with Celest Pereira [18 Min]

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Bedtime Yoga Routine

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​Yoga Mat


Celest Pereira

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​18 Min

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Bedtime Yoga

In this video, Celest will show you a gentle bedtime yoga routine that will get your body and your mind ready for bed.

It's becoming harder and harder to get those 8 hours of quality sleep. Lots of people are either having trouble with falling asleep, or they wake up multiple times during the night. That can happen if you've been staring at the screen all day and your brain is trying to make sense of all that information, or maybe you're just worried about something.

Lack of quality sleep can have numerous negative effects on your body and your state of mind. That's why a good night's rest should be your priority. Instead of reaching for a pill, why not do some easy yoga? It will relax your body and get your rid of any stiffness that might prevent you from falling asleep as well as clear your mind.

For this bedtime yoga routine, you'll need a blanket and a yoga brick. You can do this routine even if you're a complete beginner since the postures are easy and don't require any yoga experience.

Let us know in the comments if this routine has helped you fall asleep!

Bed Time Yoga – with Celest Pereira [18 Min]
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