Basic Yoga Warm Up

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Basic Yoga Warm-up

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Yoga Mat


Sarah Beth

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10 Min

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Basic Yoga Warm-up

This routine is a great exercise to do as a warm-up session before you start any other routine. Basic yoga warm-up will bring your entire body to a working temperature and prepare you for more advanced yoga sequences.

Warming up is important before doing any strenuous activity, especially if you are prone to injuries. The routine lasts less than 8 minutes and it's very easy and gentle. Complete beginners can use it as a complete exercise and do it three times in a row to get a good workout, while more advanced yogis can use it as a preparation for their usual routine.

Let us know in the comments if this short routine gave you a proper warm-up!

Basic Yoga Warm Up
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  • Peggy Kluge 3 years ago

    I just found you online,and what I see I like because you demonstrate it professional with lots of variety. I’m turning to yoga because my lower back is inflamed and certainly I want to be healthier and switch from running to a deep stretching.So, I cannot wait to start.Hopefully,I will remember the moves.


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