Back – Power Yoga Workout [9 Min]

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Power Yoga For The Back

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Yoga Mat


Sarah Beth

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​9 Min

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Yoga For Back

Power yoga for the back is a yoga sequence that will improve your posture, strengthen your back muscles and protect your spine from injuries. Keeping your back strong and having a flexible spine is a great asset, not only for practicing yoga but also for everyday life, especially if you tend to lift heavy stuff often.

The sequence lasts for only 10 minutes which shouldn't be hard to integrate into your schedule, especially when your spine is on the line. Yoga for the back is ideal for all levels since the poses are not too demanding. Feel free to repeat it if you don't feel like your back have gotten a proper workout.

You can pair this routine with yoga for abs or yoga for the core to evenly develop your body. You can also use it is a warm-up before some difficult yoga routine or before lifting weights. Just make sure you are always comfortable and don't extend over your limits. If you do this routine regularly, the flexibility will come.

Let us know in the comments how is this routine working out for your back!

Back – Power Yoga Workout [9 Min]
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