Back Bending Yoga Routine for Flexibility [15 Min]

Published on April 20, 2016 by

Back Bending Yoga Sequence

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Yoga Mat


Sarah Beth

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1​5 Min

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Yoga For Flexibility

This back bending yoga sequence comes with several benefits for your entire body. It improves your flexibility, corrects your posture, and it heals your back. Sarah will guide you through this 15-minute hatha yoga routine and show you how to perform each pose.

The routine can be performed by all levels, although some poses require a certain degree of flexibility and upper body strength. You can do those poses to a comfortable extent. If you keep doing this exercise three times a week, you will soon be able to do every pose without a problem.

This routine works best if combined with core and twisting practices on other days to gain an all-around strength and flexibility. Make sure not to do poses that make you uncomfortable, especially if you have problems with your back.

Let us know in the comments if back bending yoga sequence improved your posture and flexibility!

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