Awakening Your True Self Series: Yoga on Aversion [60 Min]

Published on February 26, 2016 by

Yoga Poses We Usually Avoid

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Melissa West

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​60 Min

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Yoga on Aversion

This video is all about those difficult yoga poses we usually avoid. With so many poses available, you don't need to know or practice every single pose there is, but you've probably caught yourself actively avoiding some position. Maybe you avoid them because they are too difficult or too boring or for any other reason.

That's why Melisa decided to dedicate an entire episode to five most hated positions: Bow pose, Lunge pose, Reclined hero’s pose, Dancer and Camel pose. She believes that these yoga poses are a great addition to every yogi's arsenal as they come with numerous benefits.

They will strengthen your lower back and hips, help you with menstrual pain and give you a full-body workout, along with a nice stretch. The routine lasts for around 50 minutes and you'll need two blocks, a strap, a bolster and a blanket.

Even though every pose is explained step by step, this routine is suitable for intermediate yoga practitioners as certain strength and flexibility is required. Let us know in the comments which poses do you regularly avoid!

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