7 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 3 – Strong & Balanced Power Yoga Routine [15 Min]

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Strong And Balanced Power Yoga Routine

Suggested Equipment

Yoga Mat


Sarah Beth

Type of Yoga

Video Duration

1​5 Min

Difficulty Level



Power Yoga

Strong and balanced power yoga routine is the 6th day of 7-day yoga challenge and probably the hardest one. It's great for increasing your strength and balance but take into account that you already need to have a decent upper body strength, strong quads, and flexible hips to be able to fully perform this yoga sequence.

Because of it, the sequence is mostly suited for intermediate level yogis, although, most of the exercises can be modified to suit less experienced yoga practitioners. The sequence is full of planks and Chaturangas, for which you will get a recommendation for another Sarah's video where she shows how to do Chaturanga. It's important to learn Chaturanga as it is the basis of Power yoga and must be mastered in order to advance.

The exercise lasts only 15 minutes, but it will work you up pretty good, so have a towel and some water nearby.

Let us know in the comments if you were able to do the entire sequence without modifications!

7 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 3 – Strong & Balanced Power Yoga Routine [15 Min]
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