Pellor Deluxe Air Review

This is the Best Pellor Deluxe Air Review You Will Ever Read

Yoga swings are a great hit among people who are eager to try new things in their routine. Aerial Yoga is certainly in and you would better ride the wave and be part of this trend because as it turns out there’s a lot to gain from it. And speaking of gaining, if you are looking to get yourself a brand new, high quality yoga swing then you should keep on reading this Pellor deluxe air review because it might be the best yoga sling available both online and in specialized stores at the moment.

After all, this brand has made quite the name for itself, being one of the top manufacturers in the business and being both popular and praised for thee amazing quality of their products. If you want to learn more, keep on reading for additional details on the item.

What makes a Great Yoga Swing

Best Pellor Deluxe Air Review

Before getting into all the technical details and characteristics of this particular yoga swing, you should first know what are the qualities that can set a regular product from a great one. Of course, there are plenty of details for you to consider, but as a yoga enthusiast, you simply cannot base your decision on features like color that are basically unimportant.

Instead, you should focus on the product’s warranty. Make sure that you choose a brand that is able to offer you more than a simple product, but the guarantee of a great one. There are a lot of items out there that do not offer this warranty and that is a huge deal. After all, you are looking to buy a sporting piece of equipment and it is crucial for it to come backed up not only by positive reviews but by palpable guarantees from the manufacturer as well.

And since I have already mentioned the manufacturer, you should know that this also plays or should play a vital role in your choice. Make sure to pick a producer with experience in the field, one that has received positive reviews from its customers and that it praised for the high quality of the products they manufacture. For instance, you can try comparing any Gravotonics yoga sling review with any Pellor deluxe air review and see that they are both equally exceptional because the brands are well - respected and care about their customers.

Product Overview

Pellor Deluxe Air Reviews

And now for the technical details! One of the first things that you should know about this product is the fact that it comes from a highly respected manufacturer. Pellor is well - known for making great yoga accessories and other related items and it has the potential of becoming the best company in the business.

Now getting back to the actual product at hand, another crucial detail is the fact that it is made out of high density nylon taffeta, which basically translates to parachute fabric. It is 250X150 cm and its maximum load is of 200 kg. Apart from the yoga hammock and the storage or carrying bag, the item also comes with four already installed carabinier.

The manufacturer says that the product is very easy to mount and that it is suitable not only for beginners, but for intermediate and advanced levels of skill as well.


One of the main advantages of this product is the fact that it is made out of the highest quality fabrics and materials which ensures that it will be a durable item. On top of that, the fact that it can hold and properly support up to 200 kg is actually impressive. Most other yoga swings have a much lower weight limit.


If you have decided to purchase this product, you should know that the package does not include any type of accessories, including belts and hooks, which you will need to purchase separately. I have read a couple of pellor yoga swing reviews that mention this as being a great disadvantage, but I beg to differ. There are a lot of swings that don’t also include accessories but the manufacturer has them available separately. It is a small inconvenience, but not that big of a deal.


In conclusion, the pellor yoga sling has the potential of being the best product of its kind. It has plenty of positive review from customers all over the world which means that it is not only very popular but highly appreciated as well. I would recommend it to anyone passionate about aerial yoga, regardless of their skill level.

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This is the Best Pellor Deluxe Air Review You Will Ever Read
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