Best Yoga Towel Review [2019] (Top 3)

Best Yoga Towels

2019’s Best Yoga Towels

The best yoga towels are much more absorbing than a regular towel and usually fit your yoga mat perfectly.

They are a great addition to yoga mats and can help to improve your grip and stability as well as make clean up a bit easier.

That’s why it is a good idea to use them, especially if you tend to sweat a lot during yoga practice.

They will prevent you from slipping and make your exercise more hygienic, especially if you use yoga mats that are used by other people as well.

A quality yoga towel should be highly absorbent, durable, and made of non-toxic materials. They are much better suited than a regular bath towel, though in a worst case scenario you could use that to wipe the sweat off your face and hands.

We hope our yoga towel reviews will help you find the right one for you.

Best Yoga Towel Comparison Table

Yoga Towel Reviews

1.  Yoga Jaci Mat Towel (Top Pick)

Yoga Jaci is a company focused purely on Premium yoga products, and in particular Yoga Towels. They are very highly rated and guarantee their towel for life. In the case of yoga towels, this is handy, because if you use yours regularly it may stretch or wear out in time.

Its size is 72” x 24” which is a pretty standard size and should go well with most yoga mats. The towels are made from 85% Polyester % 15% Polyamide, which translated to English means it helps to create a non-slip surface.

Out of all the towels we reviewed and searched for around the web, this one is the best yoga towels for the money and quality that we have been able to find. Oh, and it can go in the washing machine.

2.  Yoga Mate Yoga Towel

Yoga Mate offers a sweat absorbent yoga mat towel that is geared towards hot sessions where you sweat a lot. It is meant to fit well on your yoga mat, which of course depends on the size and shouldn’t slip too much.

Some people complained about the towel being very static and slipping through. It has a good price, but that shouldn’t be your only determining factor of course.

The yoga towel size is 68″x24″, so can be placed on top of most mats. Additionally this towel is machine washable and comes with a money back guarantee.

3. YogaRat Yoga Towel

YogaRat is a small business from California founded in 2008. While making their quality yoga products, they try to impact environment as little as possible, always using eco-friendly materials.

YogaRat is highly flexible with its towel size as they offer 2 different widths (24” and 26”) and two different lengths (68” and 72”) which should satisfy everyone’s preferences.

It is made 100% from microfibers for maximum absorbance. It’s washable and dryable in a machine so keeping it clean is really easy. It’s very light and space-friendly so it won’t take up too much space in your bag and would go great with your travel mat.


Finding the right skidless yoga towel can be just as hard as finding the right yoga mat. A great yoga towel can drastically improve your yoga experience, even if your yoga mat is not of the highest quality. It all depends what you are looking for.

Our personal top pick is the Yoga Jaci mat towel which had a number of great comments in all of the reviews.

Let us know what yoga towel you picked in the comments, why you think it is the best one, and how they fared with you in your hot yoga class!

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