Best Yoga Swings and Slings

Best Yoga Swing

The thing with yoga swings and yoga slings is that there are plenty of options for you to choose from. There are plenty of offers online and even more in specialized stores and this could get a bit confusing, especially if you have never tried one before and have no idea what you should be looking for.

Well, if you are lacking the time or the necessary experience to make the right decision and purchase the best yoga sling available on the market at the moment, keep on reading to learn just what are the best products of this kind, what are their advantages or disadvantages and how to make the difference between an exceptional yoga sling and an average or poor quality one.

This is basically a crash course in yoga swings and at the end of it you will be able to get the most amazing, if not actually the best yoga swing that can fit your needs and meet your expectations.

Best Yoga Swing Comparison Table

Different Types Of Yoga Swings

Just like with many other yoga accessories, yoga swings come in many different types, shapes and sizes and that’s exactly why reading just one yoga swing review will not be enough for you to figure out which product does what.

Yoga Trapeze

There are plenty of yoga trapeze reviews online that can make things unnecessarily confusing. What you need to know about anti-gravity yoga is that this type of swing is mostly used to relieve back pain through something that experienced people call “inversion therapy”.

In my opinion there are two main advantages to this type of yoga sling. First of all it has the potential of improving your back bend poses and second of all it provides the necessary support so that you don’t feel any kind of fatigue or stress on your joints or muscles.

I would honestly recommend it to beginners and to people who know that they get tired easily. One thing you do need to pay attention to (and this goes for every single type of yoga sling you are thinking to purchase) is the installation instructions. You should pay attention to them and make sure that everything is in check before you use the product.

Yoga Sling

Every single yoga sling review that you are going to read will tell you just how amazing they are at relieving back pain and helping out with other back issues. Indeed, what I have found about yoga slings is the fact that they allow the user to do stronger and deeper backbends which are ultimately the goal, especially for those of you who are trying to work out some issues in that area.

This type of products are very similar to the ones mentioned above in the sense that they also make use of the same inversion therapy. One other amazing thing about these products is the fact that they also provide the support that you need so that you do not get too tired during your yoga routine. Fatigue will certainly not be a problem if you don’t overdo it and spend more time than you are supposed to in the sling.

Yoga Inversion Swing

Believe it or not, there are products especially built for that type of inversion therapy that i have mentioned earlier. Every yoga inversion swing review will explain exactly how they work and why they are considered to be one of the most desirable type of slings available on the market at the moment. One thing that I have noticed is that when it comes to finding the best aerial yoga swing out there, the competition is pretty tight.

However, the inversion swing sets itself apart from the other types of products simply by being a lot more sturdy and durable. It can withstand a lot of weight and it also comes with plenty accessories so that you can have or build a full routine. Once again, you should keep an eye out for the installation instructions and make sure that the swing is safe for you to use, because there have been plenty of accidents that happened as a result of faulty installations.

Yoga Swing Brands

As it is the case with many other yoga accessories, yoga slings also come from various manufacturers. Some of them have years of experience and are known for making high quality products and other should definitely be avoided. So if you want to find the best yoga swing brand you might want to look into one of the mentions below.

Yogabody Naturals

Yoga Sling

If you read any Yogabody Naturals yoga trapeze review you will soon understand why they are one of the best manufacturers in the business. They are an experienced company in this field and have been producing high quality yoga accessories for years. There is no doubt that a yoga swing which carries the name of this brand will be able to meet all of your needs and even exceed your expectations.

They usually use some of the sturdiest and most durable materials in building the slings and have very high quality standards. I particularly like this brand because they put a lot of stress on safety and comfort as well, as opposed to some other manufactures who only seem to be focused on one of these two crucial qualities. So if you are looking for a brand that is able to live up to your expectations, Yogabody Naturals may be the one for you.


If there is one thing that any Aerial yoga swing review will not tell you is the fact that this manufacturer, however new it might be on the market has quickly managed to gather quite a large fan base. There are plenty of people talking about the newcomer in the industry and about their great products. They mostly seem to be appreciated for the concern they have for safety and for the clear installation instructions.

When it comes to yoga swings, one thing that I’ve noticed and a rather recurrent issue is the fact that most of these products have very confusing installation instructions. Well, this is not also the case for the Aerial yoga swing, because most people who have used it claim that they are very easy to follow and easy to understand. What’s more, the quality of the materials used in building this swing is obviously superior.

Pellor Deluxe

Pellor Deluxe

There is no doubt that Pellor Deluxe is probably one of the best, if not actually the best yoga swing manufacturer on the market at the moment. On top of that, they also produce plenty of other yoga accessories that are equally amazing and abide by the same high quality standards. When it comes to Pellor Deluxe you can rest assured that you will get an incredible yoga swing that does its job and is able to meet all of your expectations.

The brand is basically a guarantee of the fact that you will not be disappointed in any of their products. One of the things that I like the most about this manufacturer is the fact that they have a great concern for comfort and seem to have taken all the necessary precautions so that the customers using the swing don’t risk straining any muscles. Every Pellor Deluxe Air review will make you see just how thoughtful they are and how much care they are willing to show to their clients.


When it comes to aerial yoga, Gravotonics is certainly willing to take it not just one but plenty of steps further. They are among some of the first and few companies that have come to the conclusion that this type of yoga can be practiced by anyone as long as they have all the right information and guidelines.

If you are wondering how they have managed to revolutionize the yoga swing business, you will be pleased to learn that besides the actual product with installation instructions and all the necessary accessories, they have also come up with a DVD that is meant to help anyone interested in this type of yoga. The best thing about it, in my opinion, is the fact that the DVD is not specifically targeted at the Gravotonics swing, but it gives more details about aerial yoga and how to treat and deal with back pain.

Omni Gym

Omni Gym

Probably one of the most famous brands in this field is Omni Gym. They are quite popular among yoga practitioners and people who are generally into sports because the equipment and accessories that they produce always seem to be well received by their customers. As a matter of fact, you will see that every Omni Gym Omni swing review praises the product as being exceptionally good. Their concern for safety and comfort is a big plus as customers seem to be incredibly confident about their products.

This brand has created quite the name for itself and they are thought to be one of the reliable manufacturers on the market at the moment. High quality of products is a given for Omni Gym as they always make sure to let their customers know that they are in great hands. The thing I like about this manufacturer the most is the fact that it has years of experience and is still one of the most popular producers out there.


As one of the top yoga swing manufacturers out there, Wing does not only promise, but also delivers some of the most exceptional products of this kind. They seem to be focused on two main criteria when producing the swings: durability and portability. Most of their products are made out of the same material they use for building parachutes so you can rest assured that they are incredibly sturdy and durable.

One other great advantage of this brand is the fact that most of their swings also double as hammocks which will make it very easy for you to carry them around and use in various locations. As an added bonus, the swings that they make are very light, easy to handle and easy to install. The bottom line here is that it would be impossible for you to go wrong with a Wing product and you have any Wing yoga swing review to prove that.

Overview of the Top 5 Yoga Slings

Size, weight limit, portability and warranty are just some of the most important details that most people look into when they decide to purchase a new yoga sling. If you want to make sure that you end up owning the best yoga sling, check out the list below so that you can incorporate it into your yoga practice.

1. Yogabody Naturals Trapeze Swing

The second entry on this list is a Yogabody Naturals product and it is one of the most praised yoga hammocks i have personally read reviews for. In all fairness, Yogabody Naturals is one of the most iconic manufacturers in this field and their products are always highly popular among yoga practitioners.

The thing I like about this particular Yoga swing is the fact that it is incredibly easy to work with and install. I like that it offers the necessary support so that you don’t end up straining any muscles.

It is guaranteed to help alleviate back pain and improve not only blood flow, but your general state of wellbeing. Apart from that, the manufacturer used gym grade grip rubber handles which makes it also comfortable for your hands and wrists. It is great for inversion therapy, even when used by beginners, because instructions are very straightforward and easy to follow.

2. UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing Set

This has to be, without a doubt, the best product for aerial yoga that money can buy. UpCircleSeven is already famous for manufacturing high quality yoga swings and other accessories and this product is no exception.

It is made out of high density nylon taffeta, which basically translates to parachute fabric. Apart from the yoga hammock and its carrying bag, the product also includes four already installed carabinier.

It is ideal booth for beginners and experienced practitioners and i would actually recommend it to people who have never tried aerial yoga before, because it is very easy to install and the instructions are very clear.

The good news is that this product comes in many different colors and it might be the best yoga hammock you will ever come across. So if you are interested in getting a sturdy, reliable and, above all, comfortable yoga swing, you should certainly check this one out.

3. CO-Z Aerial Yoga Swing Sling

This is yet another exceptional product of this kind that has all the necessary qualities to be considered superior to other alternatives available either online or in specialised stores.

The CO-Z yoga swing will not have you dwell too much on the yoga swing installation, because that takes mere minutes but it will allow you to get down to work right away.

So here is why i find this aerial yoga hammock has to be one of the best ones for your yoga practice. First of all, it is made out of high strength parachute fabric so you will never have to worry about its durability or sturdiness.

Second of all, it is ideal for inversion therapy, being able to strengthen core muscles as well as improve flexibility and mobility of your joints. And last, but not least, the manufacturer has an amazing full refund guarantee that only comes as a proof of the product’s high quality.

4. Gravotonics Inversion Sling

If you haven’t yet heard about Gravotonics then you should certainly check them out, especially if you are into Yoga or any other type of sports. They are one of the most appreciated and well – received companies in the business and their products are always situated among the most popular and highly praise by customers. But getting back to this inversion swing, what you need to know is the fact that it comes with six easy grip handles and it weighs less than 3 pounds (2.9 to be more precise).

The inversion sling is made out of high strength parachute fabric and it can be installed in less than one minute. This is actually a great advantage considering the fact that when it comes to yoga swings, most customers complain about the installation process and the installation instructions which are often unclear. Well, this is certainly not the case for the Gravotonics yoga sling, which is why it is also ideal for beginners.

5. AGPTEK Aerial Hammock Yoga Swing

Although it might not be one of the most famous manufacturers you could hope for, AGPtEK seems determined to exclusively produce high quality yoga swings and other accessories. It is probably one of the surprises of this list, given the fact that it’s not such a popular brand among customers. In any case, what you should know about the product is that it is easy to setup and the installation process will be quick and not complicated at all.

Apart from that, this hammock is not only portable, but lightweight as well, which makes it easy to carry around and even use outdoors. Just like any other yoga swing out there, it is multifunctional and can bring you countless health benefits. One other thing to keep in mind is the fact that the product is made out of polyester taffeta, which makes it unbelievably strong and durable.The handles are a good size as well to make them easy to grab or to put your feet into when doing yoga poses.

Buying Guide

When trying to find the best product of this kind there are certain details to consider and several aspects that need to be properly understood and weighed in when making a purchasing decision. Here are the main qualities you should look for in a great yoga swing.

Weight Limit

Keep in mind that safety is the most important thing when working with such equipment. After all, given the fact that you will be suspended upside down from a swing doing amazing yoga poses and the only thing between you and and the ground will be a piece of fabric, you need to make absolutely sure that that piece of fabric is able to support your weight.


You may not know this, but not all yoga swing manufacturers offer a warranty for their products. This is exactly why you should look for those that do, because otherwise purchasing such a piece of equipment would be quite risky, just like buying a car and not having insurance to it. Besides, a manufacturer who offers some kind of a guarantee for his product is usually a manufacturer who is confident that he is selling a high quality item.


When it comes to yoga swings, it is incredibly important that you purchase one that is portable and, most importantly easy to carry. It would be ideal if you would get a product that is also lightweight so that you don’t have a hard time carrying it around. The bottom line is that flexibility is a great part of yoga and it would be a shame if it was your equipment the one responsible of keeping you pinned down in just one location.


The bottom line is that as i is the case with many other sports equipment and yoga accessories, yoga swings come in many different shapes and sizes. That is exactly why you should always know what to look for when buying anti-gravity yoga equipment and what the main qualities you should focus on. Our top pick in this mix is without a doubt the Trapeze Swing by YOGABODY Naturals.

Finally if you want to take true advantage of a yoga swing, we highly recommend visiting a yoga studio to take some yoga classes related to Aerial Yoga. Doing this will help you advance quickly to being able to do many yoga postures safely and ensuring you don’t hurt your spine, hips, knees, or any other part of your body.

The article above has hopefully shed some light on the matter, especially for beginners who are interested in purchasing a yoga swing. What you need to know is that the right fit for you is definitely out there. You can either look for it on your own or you can browse the list above if you think that way is easier.

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