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Review: What Is The Best Travel Yoga Mat

Best Travel Yoga Mat

If you are in love with yoga and don't want to go a single day without it, you have surely thought about what the best travel yoga mat is so you can take it everywhere with you.

It can be a bit of a challenge choosing the right yoga mat to travel with, but the good news is we are here to help and have broken them down below.

The obvious factor is the weight. If you are a light traveler, every pound counts and you want your yoga mat to be as light as possible.

Another consideration is if it's foldable or not.

For some people that's important, for others, it isn't. Of course, factors for regular yoga mats apply here as well: Durability, grip, and comfort.

Best Travel Yoga Mat Comparison Table








Jiva Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Jiva Non-Slip Yoga Mat

15/64 - 6mm

68 x 24

3.5lbs - 1.5kg


Jade Travel Yoga Mat

Jade Travel Yoga Mat

1/8 -


74 x 24

3.9lbs - 1.8kg


Khataland YoFoMat

Khataland YoFoMat

5/32 - 4mm

72 x 24

3.2lbs - 1.45kg


Manduka eKO SuperLite Rational Travel Yoga Mat

Manduka eKO SuperLite Rational Travel Yoga Mat

1/16 - 1.5mm

68 x 24

2.2lbs - 1kg


Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat

Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat

5/64 - 2mm

68 x 24

1lb - .45kg


1. Jiva Yoga Mat

Jiva Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Jiva Yoga is a small company based in Hilton Head Island, US. Beside selling quality yoga mats, they offer yoga classes and various other services as well.

Jiva Yoga Mat is only 68'' long, which might not be enough for very tall people. It's 6mm (1/4'') thick and as such is one of the thickest travel yoga mats available.

But it still manages to weigh only 3.5 lbs which is more than acceptable weight for travelling.

Unfortunately, it is not foldable, but it does come with a strap and a bag which are both included in the price. This is a top rated travel yoga mat and highly recommended to anyone who doesn't need it to be foldable.

2. Jade Travel Yoga Mat

Jade Travel Yoga Mat

Jade Yoga is an American company that started over 100 years ago as a rug manufacturer and slowly transformed into respected yoga mat company.

Their travel yoga mat comes in two different lengths: 68'' and 74'', which makes it suitable for you, regardless how tall you are. Being only 1/8'' thick, Jade Travel Yoga Mat is rather thin, but it will still provide you with enough comfort and a superb grip. It weighs less than 4 lbs and can be easily folded to fit your bag.

It's produced in US and made of natural rubber without any harmful materials. For what it's worth, Jade Yoga plants one tree for every yoga mat sold. Many people found it to be the best yoga travel mat on the market.

3. Khataland YoFoMat

Khataland YoFoMat

Khataland is a company dedicated to yoga, yoga mats and yoga-related products. Their goal is to engineer high-quality, eco-friendly yoga mats.

YoFoMat is 72'' long which is a standard length. With its thickness of 4mm (1/6''), YoFoMat is in the golden middle of travel yoga mats and as such will be comfortable to most people. Its weight of just under 2.5 lbs is somewhere in the middle as well.

When folded, its measures are 12'' x 10'' x 3'' which means it will fit in any travel bag with ease. Its practical advantage is that it's machine washable.

Its best feature is probably the fact that it comes with an Eco Travel Case (included in the price) for practical transport. It might not be the best travel yoga mat on the market but it is more than suitable for most people.

4. Manduka eKO SuperLight

Manduka eKO SuperLite Rational Travel Yoga Mat

Manduka is a European company based in Belgium. Beside yoga mats, they produce yoga bags, pants, and other yoga-related products.

Manduka eKO SuperLight is, just like its name suggests, super light (less than 2 pounds) and as such is one of the lightest yoga mats on the market. But, with its thickness of only 1.5 mm (1/16), it's also the thinnest on the market and lots of people will find it way too thin for their taste.

However, being so thin, it uses very little space when folded, making it perfect if you want to travel as light as possible.

If you have sensitive knees or prefer more comfort, you might want to try with thicker yoga mats.

5. Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat

Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat

Gaiam is a large company with a network of thousands of stores. Beside yoga products, Gaiam is involved with fitness and meditation products as well.

With a thickness of only 2mm, Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat is one of the thinnest yoga mats around and just like Manduka eKO SuperLight, it's not suitable for people with bad knees or people who look for maximum comfort. But, weighing only 1.5 lbs, it's the lightest yoga mat around and perfect for traveling light.

It's only 68'' long so it's not the best option for very tall people. But it does allow it to be folded in a really small square that will fit pretty much anywhere.


I hope that our travel yoga mat reviews will help you find out what you are looking for. Just like with regular yoga mats, some characteristics are a matter of personal preference, while others are simply a must.

The most important thing is to know what is the minimum thickness you find comfortable and how practical for carrying do you want it to be.

If you don't need it to be foldable, Jiva Yoga Mat could be the best option for you. You can carry it rolled up on top of your backpack, for example. It's one of the thickest travel yoga mats and as such will provide you with lots of comfort, while still being relatively light. It's the best yoga mat for travel.

If you are looking for the thinnest and space-efficient yoga mat possible, you should go with Manduka's or Gaiam's yoga mat.

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Review: What Is The Best Travel Yoga Mat
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