Best Meditation Bench – A Simple Review

best meditation bench
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What are the best meditation benches available for the meditation lovers who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and staying tension free.

When you think about meditation, you would normally think of sitting down on the floor or on a meditation cushion or meditation chair or seat. Next you would close your eyes and try to just let go of the thoughts you may be having. For some people, sitting on the floor just isn’t comfortable.

This is where meditation benches come in to help provide comfort and stability. This is a good option if your knees are sore, injured or not flexible yet. Flexibility barring any injury will come with regular practice. Many meditation benches are hand made with wood, and there are several different kinds of benches that are available. Every person has their preference so we have tried to cover each type to help you choose the best one for you.

Listed below are some of the best meditation bench and cushion products to help you have an effective meditation session.

Meditation Bench Comparison

1: Acacia Wood Meditation Bench

This is a handmade bench that has been specially made with acacia wood with the intention of it being long lasting. This bench comes with a cushioned seat that is available in three different, colors. Its rounded bottom legs have been fixed at their respective positions and cannot be folded to adjust the bench at any particular angle that makes it very stable to the ground.

2: Portable Meditation Bench

This is a portable folding meditation bench and is handcrafted with a natural finish. The steel hinges help you to easily fold the bench for easy storage and for proper positioning.

The legs are rounded to help keep them from splintering and to give it a sleek design.

The length and width of the bench are enough to fit anyone easily and make a comfortable sitting.

3: Pi Meditation Bench

This pi meditation bench is another beautifully wooden constructed bench made with high-quality hardware. The foldable legs of this bench can be placed in the middle that makes it very similar to Ikuko meditation bench.

It provides more space for your ankles, knees, and feet. The bench is elegantly designed and given a poly coat finish to provide long lasting durability. This new design is amazing for kneeling meditation making it one of the best kneeling meditation benches.

4: Nomad Meditation Bench

This Norwegian architect’s handmade bench is one of the most uniquely styled meditation benches available online. This flexible bench comes in a medium and a large size making it suitable for a person of any size, and it can be adjusted to a suitable height according to your needs.

This bench is specially designed for kneeling and seiza sitting position making it a suitable seiza meditation bench. This portable folding bench can easily be folded flat and can be carried anywhere which makes it a great travel meditation bench.

5: Bamboo Meditation Bench

This meditation bench is made from bamboo which makes it very strong and durable There is an option to purchase a combination including a meditation cushion too. Adding a cushion can provide some extra comfort for your feet and knees and that makes it one of the best meditation benches for bad knees.

The cushions come in a standard and a large size along with 8 different colors to help you choose according to your liking. The legs of the bench can be folded to lay it flat for easy storage and handling.


I hope this review about meditation benches speeds up your search and gave you enough information to make an easy decision. Each bench has its benefits, but personally I think the Acacia Wood Bench is the best one.

If you need a portable one, then I would suggest the Portable Bench.

So, back to you. What bench did you choose and what makes it great? Let me know in the comments!

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