The Best Crystals for Anxiety

best crystals for anxiety
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Best Crystals for Anxiety

More people now look towards natural forms of medicine and healing. These include using the best crystals for anxiety relief. Proponents of alternative medicine and natural therapy believe that when you use these healing stones, they draw out all negative energy and other harmful properties from your body.

As you place them on your body, they act as a conduit for physical and mental healing. So if you’re prone to anxiety but dislike taking pharmaceutical medicines, you may find some of these healing crystals comfortable and effective to use. Read on for the top 5 choices to consider.

Best Anxiety Crystal Comparison

1. Jovivi Thumb Worry Stone


  • Length: 1.7”
  • Width: 1.34”
  • Thickness: 0.24”

Jovivi Thumb worry stone is an Amazon’s Choice product and scores 4.2 stars on Amazon Reviews. These crystals for anxiety fit nicely in your palm. These have grooves that fit your thumb in. Rub or press the stone on your body part to relieve stress and anxiety. It comes with a velvet pouch. You can carry this small and light crystal wherever you go.

This crystal for anxiety won’t chip easily but it still needs careful handling and storing. Some accidentally dropped the product which unfortunately caused it to crack or break. Some also find them a bit small to hold and use.


  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • The peculiar shape makes it easy to handle and rub on the body using your thumb.


  • It may crack during accidental falls.
  • The size may run small for some users.

Get Jovovi Thumb worry stone in different colors and sizes including Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, and Lapis Lazuli.

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2. Rockcloud Oval Worry Stone


  • Weight: 2.8 ounces
  • Length: 2.3”/ 60mm
  • Width: 1.5”/40mm
  • Thickness: 0.7”/20mm

Rockcloud Oval worry stone scores 4.3 stars on Amazon Reviews. It fits in your pocket and is convenient to hold in your hands. The stones are polished and smooth so they are comfortable to hold and the attractive design makes for a great gift item for family or friends.

Although these are relatively small, some feel that they are heavy on the pockets. Some crystals shipped with chips and rough edges. Also, some types and colors came unpolished.


  • Comes in a variety of colors.
  • Pocket-sized.
  • Smooth and polished.
  • Good aesthetics and are great gift items.


  • It can have chipped or rough edges.
  • Some types and colors are unpolished.
  • Some find it a bit heavy to carry.

Get the Rockcloud Oval worry stone in Red Jasper, Rose Quartz, Black Obsidian, Green Turquoise and more.

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3. Top Plaza Chakra Healing Crystal Bracelet


  • Adjustable rope bracelet (6.5” to 9”)
  • Double Layer 6mm Chakra crystals
  • 7 gemstones in 1 bracelet

Top Plaza Chakra healing crystal bracelet is an Amazon’s Choice product and scores 4.4 stars on Amazon Reviews. You get a combination of 7 Chakra gemstones that relax and relive your body from anxiety.

It is great for everyday use and can stand the heat of the sun. The bracelet is an adjustable rope design so you can fix it to your wrist size.

Some complain that the crystal beads look very small. Others feel the bracelet is heavy to wear. Some others find the adjustable rope design to be stiff and prefer elastic bands instead.


  • The crystal bracelet is great as both an accessory and a healing stone.
  • The cord is adjustable.
  • You get a mix of different crystals in one bracelet.


  • Some do not like the adjustable rope feature.
  • The bracelet feels heavy for some wearers.
  • The crystal beads seem too small for some users.

Get the Top Plaza Chakra healing bracelet in Black Agate, Lava Rock Stone, Green Aventurine, White Turquoise, Hematite, Tiger Eye, or Amethyst combination.

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4. Tesh Care Chakra Therapy Collection


  • 17-pc. healing crystal kit
  • 1 Chakra lava bracelet with essential oil diffuser
  • Crystal sizes: from 1” to 1.5”

Tesh Care Chakra therapy collection is a no. 1 bestseller product on Amazon and scores 4.5 stars on Amazon reviews.   You get a good selection of healing crystals and gemstones.

The kit contains 7 raw chakra crystals (Amazonite, Clear quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Tiger Eye, and Red Jasper) plus 7 colorful raw gemstones (Apatite, White Turquoise, Red Aventurine, Rose quartz, Fluorite, Pyrite, and Black Obsidian).

The Chakra lava bracelet comes with an essential oil diffuser so you can benefit from the healing properties of both the crystals and essential oils at the same time.

Note that the kit is not for everybody. Those with skin sensitivity may experience a reaction with the dried rose or lavender. Buyers should also be aware that the contents may include a mix of polished and unpolished pieces.


  • The kit contains a variety of healing crystals plus a bracelet.
  • The bracelet has an oil diffuser.
  • The kit has a certificate of authenticity.


  • May cause allergic reactions.
  • Some crystals in the kit may be rough and unpolished.

Get Tesh Care Chakra therapy collection in small or large kits. Each collection features 17 healing crystals and comes with a stone and therapy guide.

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5. Beverly Oaks Energy Infused Natural Raw Healing Crystals


  • One set of 7 raw healing crystals and 7 larger stones

Beverly Oaks Energy Infused natural raw healing crystals scores 4.3 stars on Amazon Reviews. The set comes with a mix of energy infused healing crystals.

These are pre-cleaned and pre-charged to provide a fresh flow of energy to the user. You can keep the smaller healing crystals in your pocket or in a pouch. Carry both small and large stones on the go for meditation, self-massage, or energy therapy.

Some buyers complained that some pieces are too small for their liking. Some complained about the colors as well; they are either too brilliant or lacking in color and shine.


  • Makes for a good sampler kit.
  • Multipurpose. You can use them for healing or meditation.
  • You can rub them on your body for therapy in combination with essential oils.


  • Some of the stones are smaller than expected.
  • Some colors were too brilliant while others were dull.

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How to use Crystals for Healing


Crystals for anxiety and other healing stones are not just pleasing to the eyes, these emit peaceful and soothing energy that can clear your mind and body from mental and physical stressors. You can get them in individual pieces, in bracelet form, or boxed set. Remember to choose among top reviewed products so you can make a safe and sure purchase.

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