Power Yoga | Beach Bod [30 Min]

Published on June 28, 2016 by brockly

Beach Body

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​Yoga Mat


Sarah Beth

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​30 Min

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Beach Body

This is an updated version of yoga for a beach body. And while the first version lasted only 10 minutes and focused on abs, obliques, and thighs, this workout lasts for 30 minutes and gives you a full body workout.

This routine should only be done if the first version is on longer challenging for you. The 10-minute version was already intense and suited for intermediate level. Even though this version is much longer, the intensity is the same, sometimes even higher. But, it does include a warm-up session and a cool-down afterward, so it's a complete package.

Just like any form of power yoga, yoga for a beach body will really make you sweat so have a towel and a bottle of water prepared. Also, make sure that your yoga mat can handle all the sweat and still remain dry and stable.

Let us know in the comments how challenging was this routine for you!

Power Yoga | Beach Bod [30 Min]
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